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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Whey!

                           Make Whey for Cheese Please

Many fermenting recipes call for  whey.  I prefer to strain it out of organic yogurt.  I could use home made yogurt, but store bought just never tastes as good to me, so I buy it for this purpose and save the good stuff for snacking.  The best part of this process is the spreadable yogurt that you have left after you strain the yogurt.  It has the consistency of whipped cream cheese, but is healthier!  

Start with a very clean container.
Put in a very clean cheesecloth or kitchen towel.  I used a kitchen towel because I wanted the pattern on my cheese.  
Carefully spoon in yogurt.
Let it strain for at least 12 hours.
Once it is firm and the dripping has ceased, serve or refrigerate.

You can roll the yogurt cheese in herbs, salt it, pour honey on it, roll it in sesame seeds or berries and serve with warm bread or cucumbers.  Much like cream or goat cheese, this cheese is versatile.

The whey can be kept in the fridge for a month or so.  Use a few teaspoons when you are starting a new ferment.  The whey will kickstart lacto-fermentation.  


  1. Whipped cheese alternative sounds like a great idea!

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