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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make your own KRAUT!

Make your own "pro-biotic" Krauts!  In just a few minutes, I made my own fennel kraut.
With the help of my mandolin I grated apples, fennel, and green cabbage.
I crunched up the mixture using my hands, salting (non-iodized) along the way.   This releases the water in the vegetables, and creates the brine that it will ferment in.
After I had enough liquid to cover, I tossed in fennel seed, juniper berry and pepper berries.
I add a water filled jar to help weight it down, I need a bigger one....and will switch it out when I find one.  The kraut will sit in a dark cupboard until it stops bubbling and tastes just right.  My guess is that it will take a little over a week, we'll see.  I cover mine with a cloth so no bugs can get in, while it is fermenting.  Once the kraut is ready it goes into the fridge with an air tight lock.  This one will pair well with barbecued meats.  I can't wait!

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